Sex Therapy.

Are you dissatisfied or bored with your sex life? Wondering where the desire went? Having difficulty with erections or orgasm? Feeling unsure of yourself sexually? Feeling shame or struggling with sexual inhibitions? Struggling with anxiety about your sexual performance? Experiencing pain during intercourse?

Sex can be a source of pleasure, excitement, or comfort. It can also be a source of anxiety, shame, or confusion. Difficulties with sex can contribute to relationship problems, conflict, and tension between partners.

Talking about sex or sexual concerns is difficult for many individuals and couples, making it particularly challenging to create more satisfying sex.

In sex therapy, I help individuals and couples communicate more effectively and openly about sexual problems, raise questions about sex and sexuality, and resolve sexual concerns.

Sex therapy helps to address sexual questions and concerns through a combination of (a) information about sex and sexuality, (b) specific suggestions, and (c) therapy focused on sexual problems and related issues.

If you have concerns about sex, I would be happy to work with you to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

Relationship Problems.

Are you feeling frustrated, alone, or unhappy in your relationship? Do you want more emotional intimacy? Are you concerned about repetitive, troubling patterns in your relationships? Feel like you’re always choosing the wrong kind of person? Trying to understand your own or your partner’s infidelity?

Relationships make a huge contribution to our sense of well-being and to our ability to deal with life’s challenges. When relationships are going well, they are a source of comfort, security, support, emotional intimacy, companionship, and sexual satisfaction. Healthy relationships help us feel stronger, deal with stress better, and contribute to our overall satisfaction with life.

When relationships are not going well, they can affect the way we feel about ourselves, add to our stress level, and even contribute to feelings of depression. Difficult relationships can drain energy and lower mood, making it harder to cope with stress.

Do you want to create or find a more satisfying relationship? I provide couples therapy and individual psychotherapy for couples and individuals who are concerned about relationship problems and patterns and who are seeking healthier, less stressful relationships. I also help individuals and couples who are trying to understand or to move on from their own or their partner’s infidelity.

Individual Counselling.

Are you coping with the aftermath of a traumatic event? Dealing with a break-up? Grieving a loss? Facing a life transition or decision? Having trouble moving on from something in your past? Feeling stuck, down, or overwhelmed? Are you looking for more balance and joy in your life?

Individual counselling and psychotherapy can help you

• Heal past hurts and move forward in healthier ways

• Deal with grief, trauma, or anxiety

• Move on from a break-up

• Create healthier relationships

• Learn to express and deal with feelings in healthier ways

• Learn to communicate more effectively

• Make difficult life and relationships decisions

• Develop a deeper sense of self-understanding and acceptance

• Improve your mood

If you have concerns about any of the above issues and would like to find ways to feel better or move on, I would be happy to work with you to help you reach your goals.

I also provide clinical consultation and supervision for therapists, counsellors, and psychologists seeking ongoing professional development or registration with the CPBC .